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10/6/12 at 23:25pm
LOL I see there were various answers about Jesse Williams as Finnick. I guess I’ll address a few.

districteverlark answered your questionApparently, this guy, Jesse Williams, has been…

i like him i just wish he had longer hair

He has time to grow it out, yeah? (:

He’s totally different to anyone else people have been picturing as finnick, but I wouldn’t be upset if he got cast

My thoughts exactly!

Not sold. Where is the ginger/blonde hair?

Hair dye is magical. And you’ll notice he has striking green eyes.

hahahaaha he was in sisterhood of the traveling pants playning a nude model i forgot all about that until right now

oh my god slkjgdlkfha

xo-mockingjay answered your question:

I do agree that Garret would be a lovely Finnick, and I wouldn’t be at all unhappy if he were cast. However, just remember that most of the cast from the first movie was probably not on most of the fan base’s dream castings, and they were s-u-p-e-r-b. So if Jesse Williams can play a better Finnick than Garret Hedland, so be it.

YES YES YES. but I don’t think he’s been rumored or w/e. but YES

Also, my sister said that the interviewer addressed the question of it in one of his interviews, and I think he said he’d like to play Finnick. I can’t find the interview right now, but I’ll ask my sister in the morning. (:

except he’s not tan, that’s his skin color…..lolzz

Well, yeah, but it could still pass as a tan, no?

No no nononononononononooooooo…NO

why why whywhywhywhywhywhywhy…WHY

I think he fits physically and yeah I could see it working all around.

Any other thoughts on Jessie Williams as Finnick?